Super Lemon OG
A cross of DNA Genetic's Super Lemon Haze and OG Kush, Super Lemon OG is a classic indica-dominant hybrid(60/40) that packs a punch in both flavor and effect. This strain crosses two powerhouses of flavor, combining classic gas and spice from the OG Kush parent with a delicious zesty citrus accent from the Super Lemon Haze, to create a juicy and memorable flavor profile. The effects are as amazing as the taste and one can expect a very wonderful heady high, provoking thought and relaxing the body before mostly melting into a stoney body high. This strain is a great choice for creative but relaxing tasks such as going for walks, having conversations over dinner, or watching movies. Because of the initial cerebral effects, users prone to paranoia or panic should be cautious.
Product qualities
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