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How to use FOLI:

We have specifically designed the filters to streamline discovery and help you find the exact product that is right for you. You can search by the desired result you are looking for, the type of product you would like to use or the category of cannabis you are looking for. *can mix and match
No, you may see all products or dispensaries either by not selecting the filters and simply clicking directly to “Search Products” under the filters. Or you can hit submit without any filters selected in the navigation bar.
Coming soon!
You do not need an account to use FOLI; however, if you would like to save your favorite products or dispensaries, or set a default location you will need to make an account first.

Account Issues

My profile -> Settings -> Location -> Update Username
My profile -> Settings -> Location -> Change Email
My profile -> Settings -> Password -> Change Password
My profile -> Settings -> Location -> Update Location


You must be signed into your profile. Once logged in, navigate to the product or dispensary and tap on the heart Icon.
You can find your favorites once you have logged into your account by either clicking the heart at the top of the screen next to the navigation. Or by going to your profile, your settings, then clicking the favorites section..
Navigate to the product or dispensary that you have favorite and deselect the heart icon next to it Go to your profile, settings, favorites and deselect the product or dispensary.