Women In Cannabis:  A Big Hit In The Industry
There’s a reason we call her MOTHER earth, as she’s a nurturing being that cares for the wellness of everyone.

Although the “caretaker” has always had a female face attached to it, it’s no surprise that the ever growing cannabis market resembles all other industries. 

A 2019 research done by Forbes has shown that only 27% of women have C-level positions in the cannabis industry, which is just above the average of all other businesses. These women, however, are making major strides.

We’ve scoured the web looking for women-owned cannabis businesses and are happy to report there are way too many to list, meaning, they have a strong foothold in this fairly new, yet growing healing business. 

There were, however, some women and businesses that stand out. From entrepreneurs to multi-million dollar innovators, these are the women who make a major difference in today’s weed market.

They’re strong. They’re passionate and they want their products to make a difference.

Katie Pilgrim and Jamie Boling | Dogwood Botanicals

Nothing makes a better story than two friends sharing the same passion and deciding to start a business together. Such is the case with Dogwood Botanicals

Katie and Jamie met in East Tennessee and bonded over not only fine arts and music but the healing power of hemp. Moving to the Bay Area in 2012 to pursue their passion, they now have an amazing roster of products.

As if using this healing plant for face creams and supplements wasn’t enough, Dogwood also uses hemp to make other products such as facemasks and “survival bags” that are fully sustainable. 

Nothing gets wasted at Dogwood, that’s for sure.

OM Edibles

Om Edibles started more than a decade ago, in 2008, by an all-female crew. These women made great strides in the industry not only because they used the best cannabis, but their view of it. 

You can see a bit behind the scenes of the operation in the clip below.


These women strongly believe in the healing powers of cannabis and even upped the ante by combining it with other herbs and superfoods to create their healing products. Their catalog includes carefully crafted edibles, elixirs and body products which are aimed at maximizing overall body wellness. 

Want a relaxing night? Pop a delicious gummy or CBD infused drink of your choice, run a bath infused with THC and and wake up the next day rejuvenated and ready for anything.

Alison Gordon | 48North

Alison is the mastermind behind 48North, an Ontario based cannabis cultivation company. As acting CEO and director, her extensive marketing and pharmaceutical knowledge put 48North on the map building 2 cannabis production sites in Canada which enabled the company to start a number of brands. 

Their products range from pre-rolls and tinctures to accessories such as grinders and pipes. Gordon, having a great deal of marketing prowess, also made sure their packaging looks incredible. You can see for yourself on their website here

Try adding OM Epsom Salts to your bath for a relaxing experience.

Janice Hardoon | Elevate Cosmetics

The power of cannabis is not only that of the mind. Though there are many psychological benefits of it, Elevate Cosmetics has you covered when it comes to physical beauty as well.


The name behind the brand is Janice Hardoon or as some call her, the CBD Queen. In 2008, she began her cannabis journey with building a dispensary in Los Angeles, but fast forward a decade and Janice became one of the most influential women in the industry. 

After growing her dispensaries they've given her enough capital to start what she really wanted; a cosmetics line.

Elevate Cosmetics combines aloe vera as well as other skincare products with CBD properties, making lotions and creams that some women call “the fountain of youth.”

Sara Gullickson | Item 9 Labs.

Here’s another Ganja Queen, Sara Gullickson. The CEO of Item 9 Labs, an Arizona publicly traded company with a current valuation of $300 million, she’s been named one of the most influential businesswomen in the industry. 


She’s only been in the industry for 9 years, but has climbed her way up the ladder and became a Top 40 Under 40 alumni for her amazing work. 

Item 9 Labs now manage everything from cultivation to distribution and everything in between and don’t plan to stop there. They’ve already expanded from Arizona to Ohio, Nevada and North Dakota, with Sara at the helm as the company continues to grow.

Erin Gore | Garden Society

Garden Society is the perfect way for the canna-curious to ease their way into the healing ways of cannabis, especially if you’re a woman. Their products are focused around the betterment of women’s lifestyles, and there’s no better woman to lead the company then its founder and CEO, Erin Gore. 

Dogwood Botanicals Tincture