Use Cannabis to Elevate Your Self-Care Routine
Self-care is a common talking point these days in a wide range of environments from the office to mommy groups to the ski slopes.

Self-care is a common talking point these days in a wide range of environments from the office to mommy groups to the ski slopes. There are #selfcare social media posts hourly on our feeds and its big business for the advertising, hospitality, and spa industries. Self-care and self-improvement is big business in the United States with annual sales projected to exceed $13 billion

More States are legalizing Cannabis and the canna consumer base continues to grow as the legal cannabis industry is projected to reach $22 billion in 2020. The Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR) at UCSD School of Medicine recently announced $3 million in research grants and the CMCR received a $4.7 million donation to study cannabis for autism in 2018. Humans are living longer and seeking natural health alternatives for their mental and physical healthcare and wellness lifestyles.  

Self-care is the Real Deal 

In Christine Meinecke Ph.D.’s article in Psychology Today, she writes about self-care and it’s importance for helping balance the toxic modern world we all navigate. Meinecke makes a point to address self-indulgence and how people get that confused with self-care. This is a very important and relevant point so make sure self-care routines include appropriate, practical, results-orientated practices that reduce stress and create a more peaceful existence. 

Self-care routines net the best results when individualized and maintained while being adjusted throughout the year based on life stressors and real-life experiences. Building a life practice of self-care can start anywhere and anytime in your time and certainly at any age. 

A few things to remember when creating or revising a self-care plan:

  • Self-care is meant to be a little bit like work in the sense that you must complete daily tasks as your work for building resilience for aging and longevity
  • Include exercise, physical activity, and getting outdoors
  • Unplug regularly and practice mindfulness and meditation
  • Take care of yourself the way you like it, for example, a long hot shower or bath
  • Have pleasures you desire from great sex to trendy restaurants or watching movies at home cooking your favorite foods
  • Manage Your Business & Life – pay your bills, keep problems at bay and fix things
  • Find legal, compliant cannabis sources to include in your daily wellness plan
  • Find avenues for continued education and social connections
  • Use cannabis in a layered or entourage effect with topicals, tinctures, edibles, and flower incorporating various strains and delivery systems for a more complete cannabis wellness experience
Mary's Medicinals is a cannabis company based out of Colorado which focuses on unique, innovative products that challenge common notions about medical cannabis.

Cannabis and Self-Care are a Perfect Match

Cannabis is being recommended more and more by medical doctors to help with sleep, anxiety, and pain management. The science and technology of cannabis offers a wide range of products for self-care routines for all ages. There are infused foods and micro-dosed edibles making it convenient to pair cannabis and self-care. There are tinctures and topicals that help with relaxing and pain management. 

Cannabis is a natural medicinal plant that we use to help us relax, connect to ourselves, and be more mindful. This healing plant is used for muscle recovery by athletes and seizure management by epilepsy patients in their self-care routines.  Seniors are incorporating cannabis for better sleep and pain management so there are examples of people from all walks of life at all different ages and stages in their lives incorporating cannabis self-care in their wellness lifestyle. Make the most of your choices and do lots of research to find out work works for you. 

Tips for discovering cannabis wellness locally:

Whether you’re just starting your canna self-care routine, or you want to discover new adventures, take time to research the cannabis and self-care experiences in your local communities. There are business models sprouting up all over the states where cannabis is legal specializing in self-care and cannabis wellness. Private chefs that cater with cannabis-infused foods and beverages are all the rage. Mobile Massage and Day Spa companies are offering CBD infused massage lotions and oils. 

Start attending legal, compliant events where you live to discover new brands, products, and friends that celebrate cannabis wellness. Research online ticketed cannabis wellness events from spa nights, to sound baths, luncheons, and art night. Depending on the laws in your State, these events can include vendors to showcase their brands, private chefs with infused foods to sample, and cannabis consumption that can educate attendees on how the different delivery systems.  Experimenting to find what works for you and your loved ones is part of the fun of exploring a cannabis wellness lifestyle. 

Tips for Cultivating a Canna Self-Care Plan:

  • Learn how to cook edibles and grow your own cannabis – take classes
  • Hire a private chef for an infused dinner party and order goodies to freeze
  • Research legal cannabis events, conventions, and social networks
  • Use CBD and THC topicals for skincare and pain relief
  • CBD bath bombs and salts are amazing, find a brand that works for you
  • Keep a journal of the cannabis strains, delivery systems and times ingested to track what works for you
  • Find a network of cannabis wellness groups that meet regularly for meditation, sound baths, and various self-care meetups in local communities where cannabis is legal
  • Plan private parties with friends to share cannabis self-care tips and product knowledge

Creating a cannabis wellness lifestyle is a personal journey that revolves around you making choices. Cannabis wellness is a mindset that makes self-care paramount on a regular basis. Savvy canna consumers always talk with their medical doctors about their cannabis consumption to prevent any possible medicine interactions. 

Lastly, building a cannabis wellness self-care routine requires patience and experimentation. Try new things and see how you feel. Are you experiencing benefits from your new self-care routines? Do what works for you and keep exploring your canna wellness self-care options so you make the best plan for where you are in your life right now!

Take time for your self-care, making the most of your canna wellness lifestyle!