The Green Rush For The Cannabis Curious
From the sights of the Golden Gate bridge to the gorgeous beaches of San Diego, the state of California has always been a prominent tourist attraction in the United States because of its perfect weather.
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Distant mountains along the shoreline of sandy beaches, people flock from around the globe to visit California and all its natural beauty. Popular attractions like the Santa Monica Pier, The Hollywood Sign, and The Walk of Fame have been crowded with tourists taking photos of places that were in scenes from their favorite movies. Now tourists have yet another reason to come to California – Cannabis legalization. 

November 2016, the people of California voted to legalize the use of recreational marijuana, and anyone over the age of 21 can consume, purchase, possess, and grow cannabis. With legalization came a burst of interest in the cannabis space both within the realm of business and just general overall curiosity of the plant. The economic growth of the cannabis industry has been attracting new business development and employment opportunities. Additionally, a wave of curious cannabis consumers is made up of those wanting to gain knowledge of the cannabis plant and all of its benefits. Learn about what cannabis can do for them, both from recreationally and from a health and wellness perspective.  

Who wouldn’t want to learn about marijuana? 

Aren’t you canna-curious? 

The benefits of the marijuana plant is immeasurable. It’s been known to to decrease the number of epileptic seizures control benefits of muscle spasms and chronic pain that one may endure. The list goes on and on. The cannabis plant has been kept in the dark for decades. It continues to be labeled a Schedule 1 drug by the United States Department of Drug Enforcement Administration, limiting clinical research being done.

What is cannabis? How does it affect the human body and mind? 

What are cannabinoids? What is CBD and THC? 

And what benefit do they truly have on the body? 

All of the questions we have about this magical plant are now rapidly being addressed and as the answers flood in, so do the people seeking to learn more. 

This rush of cannabis education seekers has ignited the boom of cannabis tourism. There are a variety of tours educating guests throughout the state of California. The biggest cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego have different tours (that sprinkle their own flair throughout the excursion.) With various guided tours on the process of growing, packaging, and selling cannabis, and travel destinations throughout California are beginning to educate the masses on the plant as well as enjoying the cannabis lifestyle. From sophisticated to outright silly fun, there are tours for every kind of “canna tourist.”

Starting from the top of the state, you can find Chris Hardmann’s “Cannabus Tour” in the city of San Francisco. This tour is a rolling theater that takes place in an old school bus converted into a one of a kind psychedelic experience. For over 8 years they have specialized and catered their tours to the Haight Ashbury, “Hippie Central” experience with incredible presentation of classic footage from the “Summer of Love.”

In Los Angeles County, GreenTours gives visitors, both smokers and non-smokers, extensive knowledge of marijuana from seed-to-sale and the influence of weed culture. Green Tours explain the cultivation process during an exclusive tour of a state-of-the-art grow facility and include a demonstration of the budding art of glass blowing. For newbies, they’ll learn how the marijuana plant is grown, the different types of consumption, list of types, edibles, topicals, etc. and the cannabis community.

If you’re traveling to San Diego, you’ll find West Coast Cannabis Tours provides a variety of workshops and tours to choose from. You can have a strictly cannabis experience or add a twist and check out some local breweries along the way. They also offer elevated yoga classes as well as a cannabis and canvas painting class for those looking to get a little more creative.

Canna-tourism has expanded to cannabis friendly lodging. With hospitality groups aware of the green rush, and its power to attract tourists. Hoteliers created 420 amenities like smoke friendly rooms and even specials associated with local dispensaries and cultivations. Along with larger hotel corporations, bed and breakfast owners are catering even more with “bud & breakfast”. Just like it sounds, they offer their guests opportunities to incorporate smoking cannabis flower bud into their stay.

The first ever “bud and breakfast” opened in California is Hicksville Pines Bud and Breakfast in the majestic San Jacinto Mountains. Located about 100 miles from the city of Los Angeles, this 420 friendly spot has a variety of themed rooms to choose from. In aptly named room, “Room 420”, guests are welcome to consume cannabis as well as throughout the property and common areas. All the other rooms are smoke free to be considerate of those guests who are not marijuana consumers.

Noe’s Nest Bed and Breakfast in San Francisco can be found between the Mission District and the Noe Valley. They are marijuana friendly and they allow their guests to use a vaporizer in their rooms while smoking is welcomed in their quaint, peaceful, garden area. Enjoy a breakfast buffet served in their dining room and common areas full of interesting vintage antiquities.

Just outside of Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs has always been a place to attract guests and travelers wanting to enjoy natural mineral waters. At Desert Hot Springs Inn, guests have a view of the surrounding mountains while enjoying the mineral water heated pool and relaxing spa. Guests are welcome to consume cannabis on site but are reminded to be considerate of non-smokers as well as any minors.

If you’re traveling to or around California with the intent of learning about and consuming cannabis, please be mindful of the do’s and don’ts. Make sure you know your surroundings as well as the local rules and regulations on cannabis consumption. As of now it is illegal to smoke cannabis in public even in spaces that welcome cigarette smoke and could cost you a fine of up to $250. It is also illegal to smoke while driving or to drive under the influence of marijuana just like it is with alcohol. If you’re going to use cannabis during your trip be considerate of your consumption.

Whether partaking in the plant or not, the cannabis industry is attracting more and more curious tourists every year. As the demand for cannabis grows, the more opportunities visitors have to incorporate it into their stay. From educational and informational tours to 420 friendly lodging and creative workshops, cannabis tourism is at an all-time high.