Stay Under The Radar While You Get High Over The Holidays
As the festivities begin towards the end of December, there is a lot of fun to be had, but also a bit of stress.

Traveling, cooking or dealing with certain members of your family can be a bit more taxing. This is the exact time you might find yourself gripping your favorite pen a little more than normal.

Unfortunately, your in-laws or THAT cousin might give you the side-eye if you pull out your "save for a rainy day" right there on the table.  Don’t worry though, we got you covered in this time of need. 

There are a few ways that you can sneak off and get high without anyone knowing, and also a few where you can sit right at the table or kitchen island and get your dose without anyone noticing. From vapes to infusions, you can still have your fun but remember, each way has its own potency level so know just how much you’re smoking, eating or drinking. 

Unfortunately for those who love to smoke flower, you’re sort of out of luck because the sticky-icky is full of wonderful smells only some can appreciate and going outside might not be enough. That’s why we’ve made a list of alternative ways to get high that are not so obvious both by smell and sight. 

Take note and enjoy the holidays your way. 

Magical Tinctures

As with flower and other forms of cannabis, tinctures come in all strengths and purposes so make sure you choose them carefully. You don't want to end up needing a nap in the middle of cutting the ham.

The beauty of ingesting THC this way is that it only takes a few drops and a little bit of time to feel their calming effects. There’s nothing to drink or eat too, so you can save room in your tummy for all the holiday goodness. That’s a win-win situation if you think about the holidays. 

THC Infused Beverages

If you know ahead of time you won’t have the luxury of stepping outside because everyone might be talking your ear off all night, a nice THC infused drink might be your way to go. Now that marijuana is legal, companies are getting creative with making some incredibly delicious drinks. 

It’s almost too hard to take all of them into account, as there are so many. Like wine? A California based company Rebel Coast has you covered. Beer more your thing? Lagunitas Hi-Fi brew has you covered. 

That’s not all though. THC infused drinks now include sparkling waters, lemonade, teas and other beverages. The best part is, where it is legal, many of these companies deliver right to your door. So just like with your gifts, order early so your stealthy products come in on time. 

PRO TIP: If for some reason you can’t find a premade drink you really like, just get the real thing and give it a few drops from the tinctures above. 

Image 1: Photo Credit Image 2-4: Photo Credit Foli Media

Yummy Edibles

Just like beverages, cannabis edibles come in many shapes and sizes, not to mention dosages. If you have a sweet tooth at the end of the night, grab a weed cookie, brownie or gummy. Most companies nowadays make them incredibly well so they’re super tasty and you almost can’t even tell they’re not infused with cannabis. 

Aside from big items like the ones above, you can even get canna mints too. They’re almost indistinguishable from any other mints in terms of packaging, but when it comes to their effectiveness, they get you high and give you great breath. 

Vape Pens

Although there are a few different ways to vaporize the cannabis plant, vape pens are by far the stealthiest. Not only are they small in size and can fit in a tiny purse but also a pocket without much notice, the vapor they emit is barely noticeable to the untrained eyes and nose. 

The oils inside a vape pen are typically heated up to about 190 degrees Fahrenheit which releases the cannabinoids we’re looking forward to, and the smoke that comes out is mostly water vapor. Alternatively, when smoking flower, there is the smell of the plant and carcinogens which can be noticed from a mile away. They can also stick to your clothes, skin and hair. 

Not the case with vapes. 

The Key: The Best Eye Drops

No matter how you consume THC, there is one inevitable side effect; red eyes. Even if you can be high and still hold a conversation on the socioeconomic effects of coal mining in developing countries with the brother-in-law you don’t like, your eyeballs tell a different story.

Your eyes get inevitably red because cannabinoids increase the dilation of your blood vessels and increase blood flow. Then voila; red eyes. 

Sure, you can say you’re tired and make some excuses about it being 8 PM and you’ve been cooking all day, but there’s a simpler way. Eyedrops.  

There are many brands you can buy so find the one that works for you, but remember that this is the secret weapon to being stealthy when you’re high. The eyes are the windows to your soul so since your soul feels good, make sure your eyes do too. 

Bottom Line Of Getting High

After decades of fighting many states in the U.S. have finally won the battle to legalize marijuana, however, not all individual hearts and minds followed suit. Sadly, there’s still a stigma associated with smoking cannabis, so until everyone realizes its wonderful benefits, you might find yourself having to hide your high. 

That’s alright though. There are many ways of doing so and you should never feel ashamed. After all, you’ll be sitting comfortably on the couch watching some of your intoxicated family members have the same conversations over and over again, knowing full well how much better cannabis is for your health and overall well-being.