Puff, Puff, Philathropy: Canna Companies That Give Back
From sharing gifts with our families and friends to simply lending a helping hand to our neighbors, everyone is embracing the holiday spirit.

Don’t think that cannabis companies are any different, especially those that made giving their mission all year round.  Long gone are the days of cannabis being an underground business and as the states smartened up and made it legal, these companies can finally give something back. 

Here at Foli, we’ve scoured the web to find the most amazing canna companies that use their profits for the greater good.  We’re also happy to report that we have the pleasure of partnering up with some of them and couldn’t be more proud. 

Here are some of the companies that really stand out in the world of cannabis. From music to pets, each have picked a unique way of giving back to their communities and strive to make the world a better place. 

Project Cannabis | San Francisco, CA

The people of Project Cannabis are pioneers of the canna market. Starting out in San Francisco and now having expanded to Los Angeles and other locations, this company is doing cannabis right. Their mission statement speaks for itself; “To be the guardians of California’s ethos as the birthplace of the cannabis movement...from seed to store we strive to be California's most respected and revered vertically integrated cannabis company.”

As if living up to that mission statement wasn’t enough, Project Cannabis has taken things even further by giving back to their community. They called it Project Music

There are many ways to give back, and Project Cannabis chose the local music scene to donate their money to. Recognizing San Francisco has some of the hippest up and coming bands, giving exposure to them is key to growing that emerging culture. 

Using their social media expertise, they sponsor events which draw crowds to local shows and expose new musical artists. Can you think of anything better than getting a little high and listening to some fresh, live music?

Golden State Greens | San Diego, CA

Golden State Greens have been serving the Southern California cannabis market since 2015.  They offer premium cannabis products including flower and edibles, but this company is so much more. 

In August of 2019, the Bahamas experienced the most devastating hurricane in their history. Hurricane Dorian caused more than $4.5 billion dollars in damage, depriving many people of basic necessities. The winds reached over 185 mph, destroying everything in its path. Food, water and shelter became hard to come by. 

Golden State Greens decided to allocate their funds to help those folks.

Recognizing that 70,000 people are still trying to stabilize their lives months after the hurricane, Golden State Greens set out to help them. Since the disaster, the budtenders working at the company have been collecting donations from patrons and allocating them to the Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund. 

In exchange, shoppers got “grab bags” filled with apparel and other small goodies as a “thank you” for their donation. A job well done in our book.

As a side note, Golden State Greens also donate toys for the holidays and raise money for Breast Cancer on an annual basis.

Project Cannabis supporting the community by bringing everyone together. Photocredit: projcan.com

Platinum Vapes | Poway, CA

Platinum Vapes is the epitome of cannabis perfection. From vape cartridges to gummies, this company does cannabis right, but they don’t stop there. They have passion projects that go beyond any other companies and the long list of foundations they give to proves that.

If you love animals, you’ll love spending your hard earned money at Platinum Vapes. Every time you make a purchase, a part of that money will go to one of these animal rescue organizations: Last Day Dog Rescue, Wags & Walks and Wild Animal Sanctuary. Spread between California and Colorado, these foundations find animals who are neglected and reintegrate them for adoption.

Care more about homo sapiens?

Platinum Vapes has done plenty of work with cancer research, suicide prevention and helping families of veterans. Just last year they showered kids of vets with $5,000 worth of gifts!

Can you honestly think of a better cannabis company to buy from?

THCSD | San Diego, CA

The acronym, “THC” actually stands for “The Healing Center,” but it’s obviously a play on words about our favorite plant. This fun loving company is known for the quality of the products and the friendliness and vast knowledge of their employees, but as the companies above, they didn’t stop there. 

As you can see in this video, THC organizes a really fun event called “Vets & Pets” which was a great success. As the name suggests, it was a little farmers market for cannabis where people could bring their pets, get educated about products and most importantly, donate clothes, blankets and food for homeless veterans. 

If you live in SoCal, that’s one event you don’t want to miss. 

The Bottom Line

With recent undertakings of governments trying to decriminalize marijuana in all its forms, it's now time for these businesses to become...well, real businesses. They can finally log their profits, pay their taxes and donate money to any cause they want to, something that was impossible before. 

As you can see, canna companies are more than happy to share their wealth and we’ve only outlined a few. There are literally thousands of small to midsize companies around the United States that make a difference within their communities and beyond. We’re happy to be a small part of that.