Modernize Your Cannabis Consumption With These Well-Designed Products
We're all familiar with artisan foods and high-end skincare products, but thanks to the legalization of marijuana, well-designed cannabis products are starting to pop up.
Get high with high style

From marijuana-based edibles to accessories, here’s a look at some high-end marijuana products that might pique your interest. 

Luxury Marijuana-Infused Products

While you can always consume marijuana the traditional way by smoking it or taking a few drops of cannabis oil under the tongue, there are plenty of other ways to consume your cannabis. And these companies make it easy to do so. 

Tokyo Smoke 

Tokyo Smoke is an award-winning legal marijuana retailer that also sells high-design accessories to make weed consumption easy and stylish. They offer a wide array of trendy tools and accessories to elevate your marijuana experience, including the following:

Davinci IQ Vaporizer

The Davinci IQ vaporizer offers sleek design and quality construction with a user-friendly design. Portable and stylish, this vaporizer allows for a pure-tasting vaping experience and is perfect to take with you on-the-go. The vaporizer comes equipped with a USB charging cable, extended mouthpiece, grinder coin, and carrying case. 

Dot Infinity Card

Having a manual cannabis grinder at your fingertips makes it easy and convenient to grind up particularly coarse cannabis buds. This grinder is perfectly sized for maximum portability and can easily fit into your wallet or pocket. Simply shave the buds against the grater over top of a small rolling tray and your marijuana is ready to be rolled. The sleek design makes it a statement piece, too. 

Van Der Pop Calla Multi-Tool

Whether you're a beginner or a veteran at rolling joints, this sharp-looking joint-rolling aid makes it easy to get a tight roll every time. The two-piece set helps at each step of the rolling process to help you end up with the perfect joint. It's a beautiful and compact tool that makes it both luxurious and handy at the same time. 

Kiva Confections 

The word "confections" in the brand name says it all. Kiva Confections sounds like a delightful candy shop, and it is, except that their products are infused with high-quality cannabis and are said to be both delicious and conducive to better health. Here are some of their delectable must-try treats.

Kiva Chocolate Bars

Everyone loves chocolate, but rather than inundating your system with empty calories in return for just a few seconds of flavor, Kiva chocolate bars come with consistently potent cannabinoids from the cannabis plant to provide you with a gentle euphoric high while indulging in rich milk or dark chocolate cannabis edibles. 

Camino Gummies

Gummy bears are one of the more classic ways to consume edible cannabis, but Kiva's new gummies successfully combine tailored combinations of THC, CBD, and a wide array of potent terpenes to produce a customized marijuana experience.

Petra Mints

The first non-chocolate confection to come out of Kiva's are the Petra mints, consisting of a light dose of 2.5mg of THC to give you just enough of a mellow experience. Petra mints come in two delicious flavors to satisfy your palate.

Terra Bites

Kiva’s most popular confections might be the Terra Bites, likely because of their fabulous taste and convenient format. These little yummy bites contain 5mg of THC per bite, offering a slightly higher dose than the aforementioned mints.

Malon + Goetz Cannabis Collection

Malin + Goetz's cannabis collection includes a range of different lifestyle items, including perfume, body wash, and candles. Here are some of their offerings:

Perfume Oil

This cannabis perfume oil blends citrus with peppery notes and wood for a truly unique fragrance that lasts for hours. It's oil-based for a more intense scent, though the smell will gently fade into the base notes deeper within.

Hand and Body Wash

The amino acid technology combined with the distinguished and spicy cannabis aroma in this hand and body wash will give you a unique cleansing experience. This foam-forming gel wash easily hydrates, cleans, and detoxes the skin without drying it out, leaving you feeling fresh, clean, moisturized, and smelling wonderful.

Cannabis Candle

Candles have a way of creating a luxurious environment. The distinctly spicy scent of this cannabis candle includes notes of orange, lemon, fig, pepper, oakmoss, sandalwood, amber, and patchouli. Your interior will be quickly filled with scents in a natural wax blend that can burn for up to 60 hours.

Luxury Marijuana Accessories

While the compounds in the cannabis products themselves are the most important aspects, there's no reason why you can't enjoy the effects of marijuana in style. And luxury marijuana accessories make it easy to enjoy your cannabis in a fun and creative way. 


Offering a number of sophisticated luxury cannabis products on a convenient online platform, Tetra is dedicated to upping the opulence factor for consuming cannabis and enhancing the smoking experience.

Specializing in designer smoking products, Tetra is the go-to source for all things aesthetically-pleasing when it comes to smoking paraphilia. Here are some fabulous finds from Tetra.

Nomad Travel Pipe

This designer cannabis smoking pipe was designed with the fashionable-type in mind. With its compact design, shiny aluminum and brass material, convenient-push-of-a-button lid opener, and even storage for cannabis underneath, this particular pipe is as handy as it is sleek. When not in use, a magnet keeps it closed.

Magma Rolling Tray

This stunning hand-poured resin rolling tray features a gorgeous swirled-marble pattern that's just as pretty as it is convenient. With durable construction and plenty of space to house all your marijuana to roll, this heavy-weight tray makes for a handy cannabis accessory that's oozing with style and sophistication. 

They're made out of 100% eco-friendly materials and processed with a food-safe sealer, making them non-toxic and perfect for your weed. 

Natural Wood Rolled Smoke Filter

Even the filters themselves can be luxurious in nature and don't have to be resorted to pieces of torn paper to create. Tetra makes things easy and stylish with their natural wood rolled filters that can easily complete the perfect joint. Hand-planed from real wood, these handy filters come in a box of approximately 35.

Unbleached Hemp Pulp Rolling Papers

A staple in a marijuana user's arsenal of accessories, these rolling papers are both useful as well as natural. Made out of pure, unbleached hemp pulp, these ultra-fine 13g rolling papers even come in a trendy little case to carry around.

Final Thoughts

These days, it's easy to smoke marijuana in style. It's also just as easy to find the most delectable cannabis-infused sweet treats to enjoy, satisfying both your sweet tooth while providing your mind and body with the benefits of marijuana. Take your experience to the next level with any one of these amazing luxury cannabis products.