CBD Products to Help with Summer Sun
Depending on where you live, you're likely longing for warmer temperatures and sunnier days. The good news is that the summer season is finally just around the corner!
CBD and sun care are a winning combination

Now's the time to start gathering your arsenal of summer goodies to get you ready for those hot days and breezy nights. And while you're adding to your summer inventory, consider contributing something else into the mix, including CBD products derived from cannabis plants.

You'll likely be arming yourself with sunhats and sunblock to shield your skin from the sun's UV rays and loading up on cool beverages to help prevent the heat from creeping up on you.

The effects of CBD in certain products can add more benefits to the mix, providing you with additional protective and healing qualities that you just won't get from your average bottle of sunscreen.

Here are some amazing CBD products that you may want to include in your inventory of summer items. Each can help you make the most of the season while providing you with some incredible health and wellness benefits.

CBD Sunscreen

We all know why sunscreen is so important, especially when it comes to protecting the skin from the risk of skin cancer and premature aging. But CBD sunscreen is a unique type of lotion. It not only blocks out harmful UV rays, but it also offers the skin a number of other benefits.

A number of studies have shown that CBD can have therapeutic effects on the skin. More specifically, it may help to combat a number of skin conditions and diseases, including acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis. It's also been shown to help promote a better complexion.

So, if you want to help your skin glow while still protecting it from the sun,  CBD sunscreen is the way to go.

CBD Skin Cream

Lathering creams and lotions onto the skin should be a part of the average skin care regimen to lock in moisture and keep skin looking radiant. Many people may also need special creams to help combat various skin conditions that they may be suffering from.

With CBD skin cream, users can benefit from cannabis compounds that have been clinically shown to improve the condition and look of skin. More specifically, CBD has been shown to treat scar tissue and stretch marks. It can even help alleviate burns, which can come in handy if you stay out in the sun for too long.

Using topical cream and CBD lotion derived from cannabis plants comes with a plethora of benefits for the skin. The benefits don’t stop there, however, as CBD is great for alleviating pain, such as sore muscles and other chronic pain, all without the psychoactive effects of THC.