Cannabis Etiquette to Stop the Spread of COVID-19
Exploring the “No Contact High”

Per Governor Newsom’s order for Californians to shelter in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, residents are spending their time indoors and of course, enjoying their cannabis. If your quaran-team includes others who enjoy it too, here are a few ways you can spread good vibes and not germs:

Cover Your Cough

Got a little too overzealous on that last puff? Make sure you cough into your inner elbow, inside your shirt or a tissue. If your cough seems more intense than usual among other bothersome symptoms, like trouble breathing or tightness in the chest, contact the nearest COVID testing center to make sure all is well.

Wash Your Hands 

Before rolling up, packing a bowl or picking out an edible from the packaging, spend at least 20 seconds washing your hands with warm water and soap. Make an extra effort to get between your fingers, your fingertips and under your nails. Nail brushes can also come in handy to get into those hard to reach areas. Remember: friction is key!

Puff, Puff, Don’t Pass

Just roll one up for each of you, if your stash allows. Happen to be a hookah fan? Check to see if you have any extra, clean pipe tips laying around that you can use if you have to share. 

Don’t Lick Your Joints

Again, if you absolutely must share your joints, don’t use saliva to seal it. It’s pretty gross anyway. A little bit of water (or honey, if you’re fancy) will do the job.

Clean Your Pieces

Sharing a glass or ceramic piece? Have a few cotton balls and isopropyl alcohol handy to wipe it down between tokes.

Invest in Silicone Covers

Grab a bunch for your friends at your local smoke shop or send them a link on where to buy one to toke safely from larger pieces.

No Shotgunning

A well-known favorite of canna-couples. Cute, but it can wait.

Be Aware of Where You’re Blowing

 No one likes a face full of smoke under normal circumstances, but with COVID proving to be a serious danger, blow away from others to avoid transferring germs.

Try Vaping Quality Concentrates

 It’s a lot less stressful on your lungs than smoking, keeping your respiratory system strong against the dangers of coronavirus. Make sure you’re buying from reputable sources to ensure your vapes aren’t cut with harmful additives.


With cannabis dispensaries deemed an essential service in our current social (or not-so-social) climate, one thing is clear - Californians need weed. However, considering the recent “shelter in place” order, stocking up from your local dispensary these days can be extremely anxiety-inducing and potentially dangerous to the community. So, what can a stressed-out canna-fan do to get their products? Try having your cannabis delivered!

By getting your products delivered, not only are you supporting your favorite cannabis businesses through these tough times, you’re also doing your duty to keep yourself and fellow citizens healthy and happy. No need to worry about finding a local, licensed delivery service either - it’s a breeze finding one that provides just what you need with platforms like MyFoli leading the way.