12 Great Gifts for the Modern Cannabis Lover
We've sourced the coolest cannabis and hemp goods in the business and compiled a list just for you. Check out what is on every cannabis lover's wish list below:

"Bong Water" Nalgene Water Bottle

Keep hydrated when cotton-mouth kicks in with this clever bottle carried by the raddest cannabis lifestyle store in LA, Mister Green. 

$27 Get It Here >>

Sackville Gilded Grinder

This stylish accessory is the perfect gift for the flower enthusiast in your life. Offering both form AND function, it looks amazing hanging out on the coffee table.

$80 Get It Here >>

Tetra Portal Lighter

As the chicest smoking accessory online store, Tetra offers the most beautiful goods to elevate your smoking experience. We especially love their newest lighters with fun pops of color...just make sure no one pockets it!

$45 Get It Here >>

Serra Chill Box

Serra dispensary is a MyFoli favorite, and they created their specialty "The Chill Box" just for the joint lover. A modern and discreet look that houses your supplies in adjustable compartments and even has a rolling tray lid!

$80 Get It Here>>

Dad Grass "Something's Fishy" Stash

He's not a regular dad, he's a cool dad. And we all know that cool dad's deserve some cool grass: Dad Grass that is. Their pre-rolls come in a sardine tin decoy sleeve with 5 joints inside perfect for a quick break out back.

$37 Get It Here >>

Old Pal Beachcomber Towel

 Old Pal Provision's makes amazing, high quality goods and we especially love this extra cushy towel for the beach or even just to treat yourself after a shower! 

$40 Get It Here >>

High Life Motel Keychain

A perfect stocking stuffer, this super cute keychain is a great addition to any cannabis lover's keyring.

$9 Get It Here >>

Laundry Day Charlotte Pipe

A pipe that is so gorgeous they won't need to hide it. This piece is truly a stunner that all stoners will say "wow" when unwrapping. 

$45 Get It Here >>

Leaff Gold Cannabis Studs

Your cannabis loving girlfriend really wants these beautiful 18k studs, we promise. 

$42 Get It Here >>

Xula Calm + Clarity CBD Tincture

We are OBSESSED with this new women-owned, BIPOC CBD brand called Xula. Their 1000mg CBD tinctures are carefully crafted with complimentary herbs to really zone in on full body healing and relaxation. 

$78 Get It Here >>

Veil OG Spray

Need to cover up the strong aromas of a recent smoke sesh? This spray is where it's at! It smells like a dream and discreetly hides any lingering cannabis smell. 

$19.99 Get It Here >>

Cannaste Nourishing CBD Body Creme

Super healing and rich for dry winter skin, this luxurious lotion has a light floral scent and is packed with 500mg CBD.

$45 Get It Here >>