about foli

Millions of consumers can finally enjoy cannabis without the guilt, fear or stigma that used to be associated with it. When they do, FOLI is where they come to discover the world of cannabis.
We couldn’t wait to design a delightful experience for consumers. Our platform is intuitive and clear. Our products and dispensaries are top of the line.
FOLI isn’t just some sort of search directory, it’s an essential discovery engine that adds pleasure and confidence to your exploration of cannabis, disarming any intimidation you might feel about it. Our promise is to help you get the information you need to enjoy the soothing, euphoric, inspiring, relaxing experience of cannabis.
On the business side, we are true partners with brands and dispensaries. Operating on the front line of a heavily regulated industry, cannabis brands and dispensaries are burdened by the limited opportunities available for marketing. But with transparent pricing, comprehensive analytics, and full-time customer support, FOLI is the fair, collaborative, pro-business marketing partner the industry has been waiting for.
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Social Responsibility is something we pride ourselves with here at FOLI